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The World Of Huckleberry Bear
Huckleberry Bear... 

"Christmas is the glue that holds America together." - Huckleberry Bear

"I always say Merry Christmas." - Huckleberry Bear

"Let thoughts about Christmas and its true meaning color your life." - Huckleberry Bear

"There is nothing like seeing Christmas through the eyes of a child." - Huckleberry Bear

"A diet begins with exercise; a single step and push back from the table." - Huckleberry Bear

"Be a part of healing, not hurting." -Huckleberry Bear

"Fill your heart with giggles, then your face will shine with love for others." - Huckleberry Bear

"A prayer is a gift we can all afford to give." - Huckleberry Bear

"Don't let your Kitty grow up to be a cat." - Huckleberry Bear

"When God paints a sunrise he uses all the right colors." - Huckleberry Bear

"Old age moves beauty from our face to our hearts." - Huckleberry Bear

"One of the great things about telling the truth, it is what it is and requires no revisions." - Huckleberry Bear

"Old tweets never die, you just lose access to them." - Huckleberry Bear

"It's not by the words we speak that the fruits of the heart are seen but it's by the deeds we do that fruit appears." - Huckleberry Bear

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