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Take Me Back in Time

Written by Harvey Ackerman, Jr.

It was in the Spring of 1961 while attending the University of South Carolina,
a rock n' rock group called the Swordsmen came to my attention.  I grew up
on rock n' roll and to be this close to a band was just plain exciting. I was a
major in music, played a little piano, some guitar and excelled with the clarinet.

It Is Christmas Again (2016)

Written by Shirley Medlin Pace

Shirley Medlin Pace @1960sparkey
From The Book... The House That Mike Built
It is Christmas Again (2016)

Dead Letter Man

Written by Unknown

Some years ago there lived in an English city a man whom I shall call Fred Armstrong.
He worked in the local post office. He was called 'dead-letter man' because he handled
mail whose addresses were faulty or hard to read. He lived in an old house with his
little wife and even smaller daughter and tiny son.

Christmas Dreams

Written by Harvey Ackerman, Jr.

The stuff Christmas is made of... It may be your favorite time of the year... The crowds in the malls, the smell of pine, spices and food cooking fill the air with aromas that are timeless.

The Little Match Seller

Written by Hans Christian Andersen

It was terribly cold and nearly dark on the last evening of the old year,
and the snow was falling fast. In the cold and the darkness, a poor little girl,
with bare head and naked feet, roamed through the streets. It is true she
had on a pair of slippers when she left home, but they were not of much use.
They were very large, so large, indeed, that they had belonged to her mother,
and the poor little creature had lost them in running across the street to avoid
two carriages that were rolling along at a terrible rate.

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