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The Valley of Regrets

Written by Harvey Ackerman, Jr.

Somewhere in the ashes of our regrets lie
dreams that will never be fulfilled.

We stood on the edge of happy ever after and
allowed the worst in us to rule over the best in us.

We created a monster that devoured our
soul as we became it’s image.

Now in the silence of the ashes, our heart cries
out to feel again the joy we have loss.

The loss weighs heavy on our heart
and there is no relief.

We built a house from cards made
of lies and deceit.

Once upon a time, one upon another
until finally, our house fell down.

As we walked through the rubble and debris, we
felt the gravity of the mistakes we made.

We now stand in the valley and yell for an answer,
but our heart hears no echo.

It is here in the valley of regrets we must stay
until the keeper of the key releases us to soar
again among the stars.


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