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Written by Shirley Medlin Pace

Shirley Medlin Pace

A Short Message for those who have loved and are coping
with the loss of that love.

When my son, Mike, was killed in a hunting accident
at the age of twenty-three, November 26, 1983, two
days after Thanksgiving, I wanted to die.

All the joy and happiness was snatched from my life.
I could not imagine it ever returning.

His death filled my every waking moment and became
my bedfellow at night.

One day I realized I was wasting my sorrow.
Happiness is a choice.

If I continued on the path I was on and allowed the devil
to destroy me, then my precious son would have died a
martyr’s death for the devil.

I would not allow that.

The loss of a loved is yours to keep for the rest of your life.
The passage of time gradually eases the pain, and with prayer,
the Lord will give you his peace in his time to heal the
brokenness, but the scars are still there.

In Psalms 30:5, the Bible says, “Joy cometh in the morning.”
Morning has come for me.

My prayer is you are on your way to a better tomorrow,
but remember it's up to you to push the clouds away.

HUNTERS by Shirley Medlin Pace

Hunters, please be careful
And sight when you aim
For it could be a human being
And not wild game

Please take your time Be sure …
before you kill In haste,
it could be a body
That will soon lie still

Don’t let a day
That starts out in fun …
End taking the precious
Life of someone’s dear son

For … he too started out
With hopes built high
Dreaming he’d kill a deer
Not dreaming he would die

He too wanted to live
To love, to grow old
Realize his dreams
Have babies to hold

Now a son has lost his life

And … Life has lost all meaning
Life has lost all joy
For the Mom and Dad of that young boy

… … …

A caution to all hunters...
Wear something bright,
so others will see

And not mistake you
for a deer
Or turkey …
in a tree.

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