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Life Is Just Another Quote

Written by Huckleberry Bear

"Imagine God thinking I'll make a universe and BANG" - Huckleberry Bear

"Now in the silence of the ashes, our heart cries out to feel again the joy we have loss." - Huckleberry Bear

"Somewhere in the ashes of our regrets lie dreams that will never be fulfilled." - Huckleberry Bear

"I am at a loss for words this morning. If you find them, go ahead and tweet them." - Huckleberry Bear

"If I could have my 'rathers', I'd be a lighthouse, a beacon of hope in the mist of life." - Huckleberry Bear

"Put down the rocks and pick up the possibilities." - Huckleberry Bear

"When you build with lies, it's your job to do the repairs." - Huckleberry Bear

"The crowd shows up for the team that is winning." - Huckleberry Bear

"We can all live in harmony if we use the same songbook and sing in the same key." - Huckleberry Bear

"The trouble with sweeping all the dirt under the rug is one day someone comes along and rolls the rug back." - Huckleberry Bear

"It's the damage done below the waterline that sinks the boat." - Huckleberry Bear

"Broken hearts are hard to fix cause it's difficult to find all the pieces thru the tears." - Huckleberry Bear

"Tomorrow is always tomorrow and never arrives. We only have today. " - Huckleberry Bear

"What would be wrong with looking for a better today than looking for a piece of pie in the sky?" - Huckleberry Bear

"Don't allow anyone to live another moment in the happy chapter of your life once they betray you." - Huckleberry Bear

"Your face is a reflection of your heart." - Huckleberry Bear

"A 'LIE' will cost you the best you could have ever had." - Huckleberry Bear

"A lie always creates its own grave. The liar must always grieve the loss." - Huckleberry Bear

"Love is a work, not a word." -Huckleberry Bear

"I like my slice of birthday cake cut and removed before the kids spit all over it blowing out the candles." - Huckleberry Bear

"Old tweets never die, you just lose access to them." - Huckleberry Bear

"Old age moves beauty from our face to our hearts." - Huckleberry Bear

"We all long to have a tweet go viral. Oh please don't let it be this one." - Huckleberry Bear

"Christmas is the glue that holds America together." - Huckleberry Bear

"I always say Merry Christmas." - Huckleberry Bear

"When God guides the hand, the artist paints a masterpiece." - Huckleberry Bear

"Life can be preserved on canvas by an artist who holds the hand of God" - Huckleberry Bear

"Brushes and paint without an artist are like a night sky with no stars. - Huckleberry Bear

"Upon a canvas the artist creates life and leaves his mark forever." - Huckleberry Bear

"The artist uses his imagination to turn a canvas into a piece of art." - Huckleberry Bear

"Brushes are useless without the artist to apply the paint." - Huckleberry Bear

"Life is sometimes like playing musical chairs. The music stops and you don't have a seat." - Huckleberry Bear

"If more people would look up instead of down, they would see more stars and less dirt. - Huckleberry Bear

"Fill your heart with giggles, then your face will shine with love for others." - Huckleberry Bear

"You cannot know the emotions in the teardrops of others until you have your own." - Huckleberry Bear

"Living in the shadows is not living." - Huckleberry Bear

"If I could have my 'rather', I'd be a lighthouse, a beacon of hope in the mist of life." - Huckleberry Bear

"A prayer is a gift we can all afford to give." - Huckleberry Bear

"To win, you have to show up." - Huckleberry Bear

"Those who know art, leave their mark forever on the hearts of their students." - Huckleberry Bear

"Upon a canvas the artist creates life and leaves his mark forever." - Huckleberry Bear

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