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Life Is Just Another Quote

Written by Huckleberry Bear

"You are the handicap you must face." - Huckleberry Bear

"Life is sometimes like playing musical chairs. The music stops and you don't have a seat." - Huckleberry Bear

"One of the great things about telling the truth, it is what it is and requires no revisions." - Huckleberry Bear

"I like things that are deep and clearly over my head. I love the whooshing noise they make as they go by." - Huckleberry Bear

"Life is like a canvas. It is blank until the artist applies the paint." - Huckleberry Bear

"I can't remember how to forget you, so you have to be mine forever." - Huckleberry Bear

"Those who want us to tear down our walls and build bridges have the tallest walls and no bridges." - Huckleberry Bear

"I smell the flowers." - Huckleberry Bear

"When you wind yourself up to the breaking point, it takes a while to wind down." - Huckleberry Bear

"If you sit on the porch long enough, life moves on without you." - Huckleberry Bear

"The problem we face is often ourselves." - Huckleberry Bear

"Be a part of healing, not hurting." -Huckleberry Bear

"America, it's time for hugs, not hurts." - Huckleberry Bear

"Put down the rocks and pick up the possibilities." - Huckleberry Bear

"Want to be GREAT! You must BELIEVE to see it. You have to give up BITTER to get a taste of BETTER." - Huckleberry Bear

"Observing life in your rearview mirror limits what you look forward too." - Huckleberry Bear

"We can live in harmony if we use the same songbook and sing in the same key." - Huckleberry Bear

"Tomorrow is going to be a great day unless someone spoils it." - Huckleberry Bear

"Old age moves beauty from our face to our hearts." - Huckleberry Bear

"The young are invincible, immortal and we were all once there." - Huckleberry Bear

"Even though the ruts we run in lead to disaster, change is scary, so we continue until we trip & fall in our graves." - Huckleberry Bear

"On Halloween, I dress as a kid again." - Huckleberry Bear

"Who is more committed? The person who puts their own money in the game or the one using other people's money?" -Huckleberry Bear

"You can always tell its Monday by the amount of manure that hits the fan." - Huckleberry Bear

"A diet begins with exercise; a single step and push back from the table." - Huckleberry Bear

"When standing at a podium, you talk about what's in front of you; not about the you in the mirror in the morning." - Huckleberry Bear

"The silence is deafening when life gets serious and so many seem to be going in the wrong direction." - Huckleberry Bear

“When you can't distinguish between the truth and the lies, it's time to walk away.” - Huckleberry Bear

"Don't let your Kitty grow up to be a cat." - Huckleberry Bear

"Kittens come toilet-trained; design by God" - Huckleberry Bear

"You may really be a legend in somebody's mind other than your own." - Huckleberry Bear

"Every life is story, written or unwritten." - Huckleberry Bear

"If you're tired of drama, quit playing a role." - Huckleberry Bear

"You can't understand the emotions in the teardrops of others until you have your own." - Huckleberry Bear

"Today is a special day. It is where I live. Don't waste dwelling on yesterday or dreaming about tomorrow." - Huckleberry Bear

"If more people would look up instead of down, they would see more stars and less dirt." - Huckleberry Bear

"It takes a village to support an idiot." - Huckleberry Bear

"Don't rub the lamp if you're not ready for the Genie." - Huckleberry Bear

"Be a path, not the mountain." - Huckleberry Bear

"If you can't play chess, play checkers. Chess requires the ability to see beyond the next move to see the consequences." - Huckleberry Bear

"Those who imitate are just dreamers, never doers of great things!" - Huckleberry Bear

"A million words are in my heart longing to dance on the pages of a book, but I'm unable to organize them." - Huckleberry Bear

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