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The Christmas Kitty

Written by Unknown

I once was a cuddly kitten,
But now I am a stray,

'Cause when I was no
longer fluffy, They sent
me on my way.

They've kept their big
watchdog, As he can bark
and growl, But I could fly
at strangers, If I caught
them on the prowl.

I slink around their
garbage can; I meow outside
their door; But it's clear from
their behaviour, They don't
want me anymore.

Now I'm cold and hungry,
And getting very thin.


What have I done to hurt them. Why won't they let me in? I
crouch in sheds and boxes, In my bedraggle fur, So shivery
and dejected, I cannot even purr. They have another kitten,
Their children's whole delight; But probably next
Christmas, It will share
my wretched plight.

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