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Please Be My Valentine

Written by Harvey Ackerman Jr.

Saint Valentine's Day is also known as Valentine's Day
or the Feast of Saint Valentines. It is celebrated on
February 14th of each year. It's history is not as
important except durieg the late midde ages it
became associated with romantic love.

In 18th-century England, it turned into an occasion
in which those who were romantically involved,
expressed their love for each other by presenting
flowers, offering candy, and sending greeting cards.

Symbols for Valentine's Day that are used today include
the outlined shape of a heart, doves, and the figure of
the winged Cupid. Each year millions of mass produced
Valentine greeting cards are sold to customers eager to
express their feelings toward one another.

Please Please Please Be My Valentine...
Yes, it's a time when
love is in the air and
our hearts become
young again as we
reminisce about the
days of our youth.

Memories flood our
mind as we think about the handfuls of cute cards
that we brought to school to share with class mates.
Oh how sweet when that special someone laid a
valentine card on your desk.

Remember the excitement as you opened and read
those words...

"be my valentine."

Oh yes, yes, yes, forever and ever, you thought as
your heart pounded and your stomach fluttered with

As you pop a candy heart into your mouth,

you remember...

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