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The Perfect Gift

The Perfect Gift

Written by Unknown

I scoured the town for the perfect gift for my daughter.
I spent two evenings doing just that. Exhausted,
I thought it would be a good thing to ask her what
she wanted. .

Here's a list of what she wanted for Christmas:

I would like to be a newspaper, so that you could
take the time each day to ask me for some news...

I would like to be a walkman so that you may listen
to me sometimes, without distraction...

Having only my words in your eyes, singing the
echoes of my solitude...

I would like to be a television, so that I would never
fall asleep at night without being looked at,
at least with interest...

I would like to be one of your favorite pews in
church, so that I could feel your desire to give
me all the room which I need...

I would like to be Felix, our kitten, so that I could
cuddle in your arms each time you come home...

I would like to be a hockey team for you dad,
so that I could see you get all excited after each
of my victories...

I would like to be a Harlequin Romance for you
mom, so that you read my emotions...

Come to think of it, I would like to be only one thing:

the greatest gift for both of you...
Do not buy me anything, just let
me feel that I am your child.

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