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Christmas Dreams...

The stuff Christmas is made of...
It may be your favorite time of the year...
The crowds in the malls, the smell of pine,
spices and food cooking fill the air with
aromas that are timeless.

Then comes a fun time putting up the tree
with the sound of Carols playing. After the
lights are on, each ornament is hung,
some old ones passed down through the
generations, while others from our childhood
bring back a flood of memories of family
gathered around the tree exchanging gifts.

Then there is that jolly old man from the North.
How many years did you ask about how Santa
got down the chimney, how he would find you
if you were not at home.

Now this Christmas you are the parent placing gifts under the tree and looking
forward to seeing young eyes open wide with delight as they see the gifts that
appeared over night. The memories are wonderful dreams of yesterday filled
with great expectations and hope for better tomorrows.

In dark doorways out of sight from the glitter of Christmas are those whose hopes
have been dashed. Consider during this season in the land of plenty reaching out
and helping someone find hope for a better tomorrow.

Merry Christmas to all.

Huckleberry Bear Christmas

Huckleberry Bear... 

"Christmas is the glue that holds America together." - Huckleberry Bear

"I always say Merry Christmas." - Huckleberry Bear

"Let thoughts about Christmas and its true meaning color your life." - Huckleberry Bear

"There is nothing like seeing Christmas through the eyes of a child." - Huckleberry Bear

"A diet begins with exercise; a single step and push back from the table." - Huckleberry Bear

"Be a part of healing, not hurting." -Huckleberry Bear

"Fill your heart with giggles, then your face will shine with love for others." - Huckleberry Bear

"A prayer is a gift we can all afford to give." - Huckleberry Bear

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